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RampArts specializes in ramps, but our real expertise is in helping our customers. We enjoy taking time to learn the details of your situation so that we can recommend the best possible approach for you.

We'll make it easy for you to choose from our wide selection of ramps. Take a look at the examples below and give us a call with your questions.

"SlimLine" Steel Ramps

Of all the wheelchair ramps we offer, SlimLine is the most popular. This versatile ramp system is the ideal choice where your ramp must be low-cost and easily removable. SlimLine elements are pre-built in our factory, enabling quick installation of even the largest ramps. Even on sites where other modular ramps won't fit, SlimLine adapts easily to various widths, odd angles and unusual configurations. SlimLine can be used long term, yet easy removability makes it great for temporary installations.

Landlords approve of SlimLine because it's installed and removed without altering the property. Gardeners appreciate the slender supports which fit into landscaping and plantings with minimal impact.

Of all complete ramp systems, SlimLine is the most affordable, safe and code-compliant access to your home.

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slimline ramp

Wood Ramps

Simple or ornate, get the look you like. Wood is the way to go when you want to blend the ramp with features of your home. Match railings to an existing deck or fence, or screen the ramp from view with a siding-clad wall.

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wood ramp

Modular Aluminum Ramps

Our clients like modular aluminum ramps because they are removable, re-sellable and are easy to care for.

RampArts offers modular aluminum rental ramps and we buy used aluminum ramps.

Ask us about discount pricing on our previously owned aluminum ramps.

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modular aluminum ramp


A ramp need not look like a ramp. Imaginative design can integrate an accessible pathway into your existing landscape.

In this image, a RampScape path rises 48" from the street to the porch, combining a gently-sloped concrete ramp with a wood ramp concealed behind horizontal railings. Stone walls, berms, and an arbor form the foundation of a beautiful garden.

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Concrete Ramps & Walkways

When a ramp design includes curves or complex geometry or a textured surface with excellent slip resistance, concrete is our first choice.

The qualities of concrete make it a durable and long-lasting material, especially for ramps, walkways and patios in contact with the ground.

While concrete is often thought of as a permanent building material, we see it as easily removable. We frequently use concrete to create old-to-new transitions, even in temporary ramp installations.

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concrete ramps & walkways

Portable Ramps

How do you know which portable wheelchair ramp will really work for you?

Each has its advantages: light weight, compact storage, adjustable length, etc. However, not all portables will work with all wheelchairs and scooters, due to variations in wheel placement and ground clearance.

A given ramp may fit one motor vehicle, but not another. The slope that suits a power chair may be too steep for a person using a walker.

We can help! RampArts will work with you to select the ramp(s) that are a good fit for you and your equipment. We deliver, confirm the fit and functionality, and help you modify or secure the ramp as needed.

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portable wheelchair ramp

Threshold Ramps

Smooth out the bumps at door thresholds with one or more mini-ramps of aluminum or rubber.

If a manufactured ramp won't fit, we may be able to provide a custom solution made of wood or concrete.

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threshold ramp

Temporary Ramps for Commercial Buildings

SlimLine wheelchair ramps provide low-cost accessibility for your business or work site. Call us before your office trailer is on site, so we can suggest how to minimize the length of ramp required.

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temporary commercial wheelchair ramp

Custom Features

Enhance or modify a ramp for added value and beauty. Enlarge a porch, or include custom details such as privacy screens, benches, and planters. Add a concrete walkway, steps or patio.

The guys at RampArts are experienced builders and craftsmen. The pictures in this section give us a chance to show off a bit.

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custom features


An accessible pathway may require more than just a ramp.

Make your stairs and walkways more welcoming to visitors, and safer for all, with simple railings.

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handrails and guardrails